Find Business Leads
with Google Sheets

Finding Business Leads is now simple, easy and fun. With just a keyword now you can find any business anywhere in the world with it's verified email lead into your google sheets.



Search for a wide range of data based on your provided keyword in different categories.

Find Geotargetted Leads

Find your competitors against a keyword or lookup a business around your area or any country.

Save Time

We save you time by narrowing your search results and keep track of your keywords list.

Find leads in minutes

Use geographical and business-related keywords to easily find leads in minutes

Powerful API

Find geotargeted leads by exclusive access to Business Search API

Localized Search

Localize your searches to find business and places.

Interactive Dashboard

Keep track of your queries/keywords managed on a single dashboard. An interactive graph also shows you of consumed and remaining API queries on your account.

Quick and easy to set up

Use the Query Builder to run your searches in just a few clicks.


Get Exclusive Access to Business Search API with your subscription at no extra cost.

Monthly Subscription

$12.25 / 500 Leads

(Just $0.0245 / lead)

Only Pay for Verified Emails. We Don’t Charge For Duplicate Lead Search.

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